The Perfect Doc


Sun Life Stadium

Miami Gardens, FL

November 7, 2017

“The one-two pitch, hit toward third, Castro has it, spins, fires, a perfect game!”

That was the call on CNS Philadelphia on May 29, 2010 during the final play of the Phillies vs. Marlins game. Roy “Doc” Halladay threw the second perfect game in Phillies’ history that night. Growing up as a Phillies fan, those words were special.

I remember that evening well. Huddled around the TV, watching the final inning, several high school friends and I were silent. It was the week before graduation and we were having a party at a classmate’s house. The chatter in the room halted. Doc did it!

Phillies game with my dad during the 2010 season

Flash forward to today – November 7, 2017. Silence falls upon me yet again. Unfortunately, this time I’m muted due to tragedy, not excitement. Doc Halladay passed away in a plane crash in the Gulf of Mexico.

Doc was my favorite pitcher to watch. His command of the strike zone paired with his calm, yet intense, demeanor on the mound was a thing of beauty. He was a stud you could count on every fifth game during his four years in red and white pinstripes. Frankly, Phillies fans just assumed it was a win.  

As my dad reminded me today, “Every fifth day is a Halladay.” There’s no doubt about it. Rest In Peace and “thank you” for everything, Doc!


Cover Photo: Eric Hartline, USA Today Sports