Touch 'em All Time


Coors Field

Denver, CO

August 28, 2017

Colorado Rockies fans who hear the phrase "Touch 'em all time" know that a celebration is underway. Those words make up the signature call for the Rockies' play-by-play radio announcer, Jack Corrigan, following a Rockies' home run. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Jack Corrigan at Coors Field, home of Colorado's beloved Rockies. We sat down and talked in the KOA radio booth before the Rockies took on the Brewers, pre-game music blaring and all, to discuss Corrigan's childhood, career, fight against cancer, and much more.

Corrigan's early years took place in Cleveland where he learned to love sports and broadcasting.

Corrigan has broadcasted a game or two in his days. High school baseball? Check. Indoor soccer? You betchya. 

Corrigan is an Ivy League grad who values continued education. As the author of three books, his drive to learn and tell stories has gone far beyond the field. In fact, Corrigan's second book is a fictional WWII story based on his father - a man who was well respected by his kids, peers, and colleagues in Ohio. 

Several yeas ago, Corrigan and his family found a box of his father's old keepsakes, including a letter to his wife, Jack Corrigan's mother, that was never mailed. This piqued Corrigan's interest and he went on to ask his father's permission to write a book about his time serving during WWII. The result was Night of Destiny: 24 December, 1944.

Corrigan's love of history and storytelling began long before he penned Night of Destiny. During his undergrad years at Cornell, Corrigan earned his B.A. in History, and went on to obtain a Master's in Communications at Kent State University. While at Kent State, he chose to write his Master's thesis on the history of NFL Films. His passion for history, sports, and communicating has helped lead him to where he is today. 

Preparation isn't always fun or easy. It requires intentional effort and hard work to achieve success. After four decades of broadcasting, Corrigan wouldn't be where he is today without the daily discipline that goes on behind-the-scenes.   

One thing Corrigan was not able to prepare for was receiving the news that he had prostate cancer. As "sobering" as the news was, he knew he could lean on his loved ones for support and his sports background to help him game plan during his fight.

Thankfully in late 2016, Corrigan's fight began taking a turn for the better and he continues to live his dream in the broadcasting booth. 

Aside from broadcasting, Corrigan also volunteers at Boys Hope Girls Hope and as a local high school football coach. He enjoys giving back to his community and seeing lives changed positively.

As we wrapped up, I asked Corrigan what a few of his favorite things were. His favorite book and movie are both classics, but the restaurant - I'm guessing most of you haven't been there. Next time you're in Cleveland though...

It was an honor to spend some time with Jack Corrigan and learn from him. He has a wealth of knowledge and shared it with such humility. The most meaningful part of my visit was spending 90 minutes in the Coors Field media dining room, just talking about sports and life. He has a unique way of connecting with people and I am glad I had the chance to meet him. 


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